JC Dobb Gala 11th March 2017

?Honest officer it wasn’t my fault…Dolphins swimmers done for speeding in the pool!?

You don’t often hear of swimmers getting penalised for speeding! But that’s exactly what happened to HUCKNALL AND LINBY DOLPHINS in the last round of the JC Dobb Competition at the Alfreton Leisure Centre pool. The B-grade gala operates cut-off times for fast swimmers, which meant Dolphins were deducted points in ‘speeding fines’, leaving them in bottom spot, despite some fabulous swims.

??First places in the 10U 25m Backstroke and Butterfly both went to the ever-improving Katie Hill. Firsts also going to a blistering Callum Smoczyk 12U 50m Breaststroke and Luka Gospel 10U 25m Freestyle.??

?Individual second places going to Josh Kemp 10U 50m backstroke, Mason Sims Open Freestyle and Callum 12U 50M Freestyle. With runner up relay places going to Felix Bodill, Ryan Smith, Callum and Luke Hill in the 12U Freestyle relay. Katie, Ellie Norris, Luke Chambers and Sophie Pritchard 4x25m Breaststroke. Another runner up spot going to Ellie, Katie, Marcus Smoczyk and Sophie in the Mixed 8/9 Medley Relay.?

⭐️Third places going to Lynden Johnson 14U 50M Butterfly, Luke Hill 12U 50M Backstroke, Hayley Goodwin girls open 50M Butterfly, Mason Sims Boys open 50M Butterfly and Olivia Jenkins 12U 50M Freestyle.⭐️

The remainder of the points won by Esme White, Ella Skellington, Lauren Daft, Brianna Brown, Kieran Dermody, Megan Flint, Curtis Flint, Freya Sims, Grace Conidi, and Ben Staniforth.??

A spokesperson for the club said: ‘Once again a huge haul of personal bests tonight has shown how our swimmers are maturing nicely and are beginning to excel in the gala environment. The speeding tickets really took us by surprise as many swimmers exceeded expectations on the night, but that is a great problem to have moving forward.’????

Result: Radford 196: Sutton 173: Kimberley 170: Ilkeston 168, Portland 125, Dolphins 99