Katie’s double win as Dolphins fifth in gala

Gala Squad

Katie Hill won both the under-10 50m butterfly and the 50m breaststroke.
Alexa Sherratt won the under-9 25m breaststroke and was runner-up in the 25m butterfly.

Callum Smoczyk, in the under-12 50m breaststroke and 50m freestyle, and Josh Kemp, in the 10yrs 50m backstroke, gained well-earned second places.

Luka Gospel was third in the under-11 50m breaststroke.

There were third-placed relay finishes for:

Ryan Smith, Luka, Callum and Sam Ellison in the 12U 4x25m medley; Eva Copley, Alexa, Katie and Jacee-Jem Fells in the girls 10/u 4x25m medley; Luka, Ryan, Callum and Josh in the 12/u 4x25m freestyle; and Katie, Jacee-Jem, Alexa and Sophie Pritchard in the 10yrs 4x25m freestyle relay.

Completing the action was an impressive third place for Rhys Harwood, Alexa, Josh, Katie, Luka, Lucy Fitzpatrick, Ryan and Freya Sims in the 8x25m cannon relay.