⭐️Matlock Junior Inter Club Gala June 2019⭐️

Hucknall and Linby Dolphins were delighted with a second-place finish at the Arc Leisure Center Matlock last Saturday. The new gala format, with no graded time limits, allowed swimmers to blast off some cobwebs following the recent home pool closure at Hucknall.

The gala was very competitive and closely fought from the outset. Eight first places, thirteen second places and seventeen third places helping to secure second place.

Four first places for Katie Hill 12U 50M Butterfly, Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Grace Pritchard getting a brace of first places in the Backstroke and Freestyle, followed by Victoria Baginska getting a 1st place in the 9 yrs Breaststroke. The remaining first place coming from the 10 yrs medley relay team of Grace, Sophie Pritchard, Scarlet Baxter and Caitlin R.

Two second places for Isaac Brewster 10yrs 50M Breaststroke and Freestyle, another two for Joel 11u 50m Backstroke and Freestyle. Grace 10yr 50M Backstroke, Scarlet 11 U 50M Butterfly.

With relay seconds from the 9yr freestyle team Grace, Sophie Paine, Victoria, and Caitlin T. 11u 4x50m Freestyle Joel, Tyler Dennis, Luka Gospel and Isaac. 10yrs 4x50m Freestyle Grace, Caitlin R, Sophie and Scarlet. Boys 10yrs 4x50m Freestyle Isaac, James Edwards, Joel and Xander Wagstaff. Boys 11u 4x50m Medley Joshua Morgan, Luka, Joel and Isaac.

Individual third places for Joshua, Ellie Norris, Isaac (2), Joel, Luka Gospel, Archie Jackson and Joel.

Third places for relay teams 12u 4x50m Medley Relay Tyler, Luka, Joel and Ethan Foster, 9yrs 4x25m Freestyle Joshua, James, Archie and Isaac. 10yrs 4x50m Medley James, Joel, Isaac and Xander. 11u 4x50m Freestyle Sophie, Ellie, Scarlet and Tesha. 9yrs 4x25m Medley Grace,    Caitlin T, Victoria, Sophie Paine. 9yrs 4x25m Medley Joshua, James, Archie and Isaac. 11u 4x50m Medley Sophie, Tesha Goodwin, Scarlet and Ellie. Boys 12u 4x50m Freestyle Tyler, Ethan, Luka and Joel.

Finally finishing the gala with a 5th in the cannon from Caitlin T, Caitlin R, Ellie, Charlotte Paine, Archie, Joshua, Ethan and Tyler.

A spokesperson for the club commented ‘tonight we really saw how important streamlining is in competitive swimming, it was great to see all the recent focus on this coming to fruition.’

RESULT – Ripley 317, Dolphins 308, Derby Phoenix 299, MAD 291, Matlock B 171