About Galas

There are two main types of galas – Team and Open.

Team galas are competitions between several swimming clubs and are usually held in an evening. They could be at Hucknall or at ‘away’ venues. These can be regarded as friendly competitions (although we still want to win!!) and there are several arranged throughout the year. Some of these galas are restricted to particular age groups and some are ‘time graded’. This means that swimmers swimming too fast (or ‘over’ standard) are not awarded places. This may seem unfair but it is designed to allow the slightly slower swimmers to compete against similar standard swimmers and thus have the opportunity for a close race. Swimming in a ‘time grade’ competition does not mean that you are a poor swimmer as all swimmers develop and improve at different rates.

Open galas are competitions between individual swimmers who are representing their own club. These competitions can take place over several sessions and sometimes two or three days. This allows swimmers to swim in several different events and distances in their age group. There are sometimes team trophies at these events but they are essentially individual swimming events. However, you will usually attend these events with other club members and one of the coaches will be there. Remember you will be representing Hucknall and Linby Dolphins Swimming Club.