Hucknall & Linby Dolphins Swimming Club Membership Fees 2017
We are pleased to be able to confirm that membership fees will still be held at 2014 rates, or slightly reduced for 2017, so they are as follows:
Annual Membership
Individual Swimming Member £46
Families with 2 children £82
New for 2017
Families with 3 or more children £96
Please note that these fees are inclusive of ASA Membership and Notts ASA and ASA East Midland Region affiliation fees and Insurances. All membership fees must be paid by 31st January. New members joining part way through the year will have the non ASA proportion of the membership charged on a pro-rata basis.

Swimming Fees 2017

Hucknall and Linby Dolphins Swimming Club is a registered charity and a not for profit organisation. The club is run in the main by and relies solely on volunteers. This allows expenditure to be kept to a minimum which helps us to keep our fees low.
We are pleased to be able to confirm that swimming fees (per session) will be still held at 2014 rates so they remain as follows:
Hucknall Leisure Centre (Mon, Tues & Sat sessions)
Cost per swimmer session £11.00 e.g. swimmers attending Monday and Tuesday pay £22 per month
Edgewood Leisure Centre (Thurs session)
Monthly cost per swimmer £9.00
We are committed to keeping the swimming fees as low as possible and in order to achieve this please be aware that these fees must be paid every month by standing order.